Headaches are extremely common; in fact, it is the most common symptom that humans experience. They can be very unpleasant and can sometimes last several hours. Although they can be a symptom of a cold or dehydration, headaches are often caused by stress and anxiety. The main symptom of a headache is a pain in your head or face. This can be throbbing, constant, sharp, or dull. We generally know if we are suffering from a migraine or a headache as most headaches can be relieved with pain relief tablets.

Common types of headaches:

• Tension headaches are the most common type of headache amongst adults and teens. They cause mild to moderate pain and come and go over time

• Cluster headaches, are the most severe headache and cause an intense burning or piercing pain


Migraines are a chronic health condition, and it causes severe headaches. They usually begin in early adulthood. Some people have migraines frequently, up to several times a week. Whereas other people only have a migraine occasionally. They are individual and differ from person to person and can differ in their frequency, symptoms, cycles, pain, degree of sensitivity, length, and stages. It is possible for years to pass between migraines.

There are several different types of migraines, these include:
• Migraine with aura – where there are specific warning signs just before the migraine begins, such as seeing a flashing light/lights
• Migraine without aura – this is the most common type of migraine, where the migraine happens without any warning signs
• Migraine aura without headache (silent migraine) – where an aura or other migraine symptoms are experienced but a headache does not develop

Common symptoms of a migraine include:
• An intense headache on one side of the head
• Pain on both sides of your head and may affect your face or neck
• Feeling sick
• Being sick
• Increased sensitivity to light and sound
• Sweating
• Feeling very hot or cold

Triggers of a migraine:
If you are suffering from migraines it is important to identify what causes it. The causes of migraines can vary, but for many people, this includes one or some of the following:

• Stress – when our bodies are under a lot of stress or long-term stress it can be a trigger to migraines

• Hormonal changes

• Changes in our sleep patterns

• Loud noises or bright lights

• Certain foods or drinks – these are individual to the sufferer, a common example is caffeine

• Medications

How can we help?

Migraines are thought to be the result of abnormal brain activity affecting nerve signals in the brain. It is also thought that migraines can be caused by low serotonin levels. Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective in treating both headaches and migraines by reducing stress and helping you increase your serotonin levels. Hypnosis works with your subconscious mind so we can swiftly tackle the underlying source of your migraine or headache. We will also help to relieve your stress levels, which will help you feel relaxed and in control.

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