What is depression?

Everyone goes through periods of feeling sad or down, but when someone is depressed you feel sad for weeks or months. Depression can be extremely debilitating and all-consuming, affecting all areas of your life. When someone is depressed, they often feel alone and that nothing can help the situation. It can lead to the individual feeling constantly tired, losing their sex drive, weight loss or weight gain and losing interest in the things that used to bring them joy. It is one of the most common psychological disorders today. Depression is often a significant factor in the break-up of relationships, career problems and lack of motivation. When depression occurs, the individual will often turn in on themselves and refuse to engage with other people. It can cause them to push away friends and loved ones. Depression often starts gradually so the individual does not realise that someone is wrong.

What are the symptoms of depression?

Depression affects different people in different ways, it can affect your mind, body and behaviour.
Symptoms can include:

• Feeling sad, upset or tearful

• Guilty or worthless

• Restless or irritable

• Empty and numb

• Helpless or hopeless

• Lacking in self-confidence

• Anxious or worried

• Suicidal thoughts/feelings

• Tiredness and sleep problems

• Changes in your weight and appetite

• Constipation

• No sex drive/sexual problems

How can we help?

With solution-focused hypnotherapy we help you find a way forward out of the depressed feelings, rather than focusing on the problems which may have led to the depression. Hypnotherapy can lift your mood enabling you to break the cycle of depression. It helps you to focus on solving problems and engaging in life again. You can get your life back and start doing all the things you wanted to do. It allows you to have more control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours enabling you to deal with any situation life has in store.

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