Coping with stress

Coping with stress

What is stress?

Stress is the body’s reaction to mental or emotional pressure, it is completely normal and can motivate us and help us achieve things in our daily lives. However, it can also feel extremely overwhelming when the pressure builds up. When this happens, we can begin negatively forecasting events, and start overreacting to stresses that are not life-threatening such as traffic jams and work pressures. This can then cause our ‘stress bucket’ to fill up. When stress becomes prolonged, it can develop into other problems such as anxiety, irritability, problems sleeping, IBS and headaches/migraines.

So how can we help ourselves when we are feeling overwhelmed and stressed?

Here are some methods that can help alleviate stress:
• Partake in some enjoyable exercise
• Spend time in nature
• Maintain a healthy lifestyle
• Spend time with people whose company you enjoy
• Make some time for yourself
• Relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga
• Get a good night’s sleep

And last but not least, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. If you are suffering from prolonged stress, book a free initial consultation with us so we can help you tackle it. Get in touch on the contact details below!